Culture Bearer Residency Reflection Fall 2022

On Reparations: an introductory speech by Shamaiye Haynes

Truth and Reconciliation

She Speaks

Liberation Compendium Volume 2022

Theory of Change

West Side Creatives

Rhizome Coalition

Culture Bearer Residency

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QCFT's Values

Eulogy for the Empire

Today, the funeral of the empire will come to pass. The funeral is a symbol of our Creator’s goodness. It is enacted with full intentionality. Children of the empire must not worry about what has died. We must bury the empire with great joy and the knowledge that the death of this thing had to pass in order that we return to all that is good and glorious.

read about what took place at QC Family Tree's Funeral for the Empire

QCFT actions on the Report on Systemic Racism in Mecklenburg County

QCFT actions on the Report on Systemic Racism in Mecklenburg County

Cultivate Peace

Cultivate Peace

The Table Makes Us Human

The Table Makes Us Human

A Rhizome is Rising

QC Family Tree is growing and nurturing a coalition of artists and cultural workers within Charlotte.

Artist Residency positions for Katrina Cherry and Bunny Gregory have been extended to mid-August

Katrina Cherry and Bunny Gregory's time as Culture Bearers at QC Family Tree has been so good that we're extending their residency until mid-August.

Community Meals Are Back and in April, we remember our neighbor “Squeaky”

QC Family Tree is facilitating several Community Conversations on the report on Systemic Racism in Mecklenburg County.

On Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 12:15 p.m. join us either in-person or virtually.

Bring your lunch and catch up with QC Family Tree.

"Feeling Good"

Honoring the Great Nina Simone, "Feeling Good" is an art show and speakeasy featuring the art of Bunny Gregory and Katrina Cherry.

Black Business Spotlight

Black Business Spotlight

The CBC is working on bringing a tool common in urban areas, but not in Charlotte, to our city.

That tool is the Community Benefits Agreement, or CBA.

On Collective Healing

Participant input shapes next steps ahead

We have a math problem...

Epiphany Party: A Night Full of Light

Epiphany Party: A Night Full of Light

Change Makers Rehearsal Dinner

Making Change: One Rehearsal Dinner at a Time!

30 + Days of Cultivation

30 + Days of Cultivation

The Little Red House on the Block

The Little Red House on the Block

Black Business Spotlight

Catering With Love!

Now you're cookin'!

A toolkit for hosting a community meal in your neck of the woods.

3 Ways to build solidarity at the table

What we're learning

There is a beloved garden relationship coveted by any green thumb. "The Three Sisters," made up of corn, beans, and squash, are three crops that complement each other in the garden as well as nutritionally.

Tony & Marie

Tory and Marie were two people that I met during a neighborhood walkabout.

We Welcome Shamaiye Haynes

We are excited to welcome Shamaiye Haynes to the QC Family Tree staff, and to Enderly Park as a neighbor.

One Community Meal at A Time

After more than a year-long hiatus, the QCFT Community Meal is back! We started these back in September by hosting our Tuck Bound Reclaiming Our Hood 101 Community Meals.

At the table Building Solidarity

Solidarity is unity built through the adoption of a common cause or a shared interest. To be in solidarity creates a united front for people moving together to the same end.

Who better to usher in the festivities than John the Baptist?

Purchase a pack of 10 cards, 2 of each design, for $20.00 porch pick up or $25.00 if shipping is required. All proceeds go to support the work of QC Family Tree

Community Meals are back and better

“Theology achieves its distinctive identity when it takes on the struggle of those who are struggling to be human in an oppressive world." ~James Cone

what happened and what we're learning from the Sept 2021 Change Makers' Rehearsal Dinner

Which variable do we solve for?

AK's Closing Blog

Read about the project manager for our Culture Bearer Residency!

An Open Letter from Hannah

My First Month at QC Family Tree

Counter Storytelling in our Summer Salons

Assessing our Summer Salons

On Noah's Ark, Hope, and how QC Family Tree is Adapting to Change

Did you know that artists have superpowers? Learn more about the Change Makers' Rehearsal Dinners!

See what we're up to in the Spring 2021 Newsletter!

Are the Children Okay? Youth Zine Project

Reflecting on redistributing wealth during COVID-19

Tiny school has come to a close as CMS opens back up. Here's what you helped us accomplish with this program!

Reflections on the Free for All Pantry

Interns Share Their Stories

QC Family Tree has cultivated important relationships with neighbors, but also has influenced that lives of many young people who have served the community as interns. Here are some reflections from interns about the importance of their time here, in their own words.

Braiding Sweetgrass: Part 6

Braiding Sweetgrass: Part 5

Braiding Sweetgrass: Part 4

Freedom Rides
Braiding Sweetgrass: Part 3

Freedom Rides
Braiding Sweetgrass: Part 2

QCFTCares Update

Cultivating Community in the Time of COVID19


"Braiding Sweetgrass" in Enderly Park: Part 1/9

Welcome Marissa, Shatabdi, Quavian, and Tracy!

QCFT Book of the Month March: Community and Growth by Jean Vanier

A Look Back: February 2020

Neighbor Highlight: Crochet artist Chelle Belle hosts community class

Welcome Kendrick, our new Youth Program Support!

Kendrick will be supporting Kayla in devotionals and in building relationships with youth in our community

QC Family Tree welcomes Alicia as an "organizational doula"

The Muddy Turtle Talks e-Book!

Our free gift to you- thank you for your support!

Sponsoring a community Meal

Community Meals are a great time to meet neighbors. Here's how you can help sponsor one:

Advent week 4 2018 Neighborhood

Hear the story of Billie Jean, Zeke, Myra, Josh, and Immanuel. They're moving to your neighborhood. How will you welcome them?

Advent week 3 2018- Body

How do I prepare my body for the coming of Christ? Let's start with the feet.

Advent week 2 2018- Water

The riverOf my childhood, That tumbledDown a passage of rocksAnd cut-work ferns, Came here and thereTo the swirl. And slowdown Of a pool And I say myself–Oh, clearly–As I knelt at one–Then I saw myselfAs if carried away, As the river moved on.

Advent week 1 2018- Soil

"If I wanted to have a happy garden, I must ally myself with my soil; study and help it to the utmost, untiringly. Always, the soil must come first." - Marion Cran, If I Were Beginning Again

Freedom Rides
Nyika’s Freedom Ride Reflection

When you go on a “Freedom Ride” road trip, you make assumptions about what you’re going to see. That’s exactly what I did. I assumed that most people in Birmingham would be racist. Boy, how wrong was I. I assumed that everywhere we went would look like Charlotte. I was wrong once again.

Freedom Rides
Freedom Ride: Gulf Shores

We left Selma in the afternoon and drove a looooooooong way on what seemed like very deserted roads to Gulf Shores, Alabama...

Freedom Rides
Freedom Ride: Selma

When you ask our youth what is their favorite day of the QC Family Tree Freedom Ride, many of them will say, “Selma!” To get to Selma, we backtracked a bit through what seemed like deserted roads of Alabama and arrived there midday to the temperature of 104 degrees...

Freedom Rides
Freedom Ride: Jackson, Mississippi

I was excited when we pulled up to the Spencer Perkins Community Center in Jackson. I’d heard about the work and writings of John Perkins and was expecting this place to feel like home.

Freedom Rides
Freedom Ride: Birmingham Day 2

"Remembering that it happened once, We cannot turn away the thought, As we go out, cold, to our barns, Towards the long night’s end, that we ourselves are living in the world. It happened in when it first happened." ~ Wendell Berry, from A Timbered Choir

Freedom Rides
Freedom Ride: Atlanta Day 1

We have read, watched documentaries, and spent some time talking with one of Charlotte’s most important Civil Rights figures. The excitement has been huge around the house. After preparing for weeks, our Freedom Ride has gotten started.

Cultivating Community for the Common Good

What makes for community? How do we cultivate community for the common good? In this minisode, the 2018 Summer interns of QC Family Tree reflect upon their experiences and y talk about what practices and framework we need in order to cultivate community.

Helms and Greg recap Season 1

Helms and Greg Jarrell recap Season 1 of the Here for Good podcast and we talk about what's to come in Season 2 in the fall of 2018.