Culture Bearer Residency Sep 30, 2022

The Culture Bearer Residency program highlights the strong role that artists and culture bearers play as leaders in civic engagement and social change. The program demonstrates how dynamic social change work incorporates arts and culture into efforts to positively shape the community. Former residents include Janelle Dunlap (2017), Hannah Hasan (2018), Hoan Rahlan (2021), Dioveris Lopez (2021), Katrina Cherry (2022), Bunny Gregory (2022), Dawn Anthony (2022), Jinna Kim (2022), Madelyn Hernandez (2022), and Marcus Burke (2022).

The QC Family Tree Culture Bearer Residency is a 10-week residency that gives creative professionals the space and opportunity to create art or design an event or project that is centered on sharing the story(s) of one of Charlotte’s most beautiful and historic neighborhoods, Enderly Park. For ten weeks, each resident will have access to QCFT artist studio space to envision and create, and will present their work to the community at a showcase.

Applications for Spring residency are open in December. Applications for Fall residency are open in July.