Community Meals are back and better Oct 6, 2021

QC Family Tree began hosting Tuck Bound- Reclaiming Our Hood 101 Community Meals this month! Over the past year, QC Family Tree has been building our capacity to positively impact the Enderly Park neighborhood through our Tuck Bound initiative. Following our December community meal, we hope to escalate 2 to 4 residents that will serve as Neighborhood Team Leaders (NTLs). NTLs will be responsible for helping us to build our capacity throughout Enderly Park by cultivating meaningful neighborhood connections and guiding the direction of the Tuck Bound Initiative.

During this return to tradition, Enderly Park residents were coached by our Community Organizer on how they can use their agency as an Enderly Park resident to influence what happens in the neighborhood. Residents were also able to exercise their agency as Enderly Park residents by meeting with the City of Charlotte Planning Department and providing input on the Charlotte Future 2040 Policy Map and the Charlotte Strategic Mobility Plan. Residents in Enderly Park are frustrated by the lack of concern from elected officials regarding the disinvestment occurring in their neighborhood. Residents also expressed frustration about being divided by the plans of external community stakeholders. In the end, we held space for the frustration, grief and trauma expressed during the community meal and used it recenter our energy on becoming closer as neighbors to heal division.

We plan to host our second of the four community meals on October 28. We begin gathering at 5:45pm at 2916 Parkway Avenue. During this community meal, we will be eating a prepared meal by Myers Park Baptist and exploring how to build people power to influence the government. If you would like to attend, we encourage you to bring an artifact or a story that reminds you of home. If you would like to contribute to our efforts, we are in need of 5 white folding tables. Please contact Kendrick Cunningham, QCFT Community Organizer at (704)491-8029 or for more information.