She Speaks Sep 30, 2022

The purpose of She Speaks is to elevate the voices of Black women and provide a financial opportunity by developing their oration skills.

Orator Entitlements

Each Participant is entitled to the following:

  1. to a space that is safe for speech practice, thought processing, self-expression, and truth exploration
  2. to give constructive feedback and receive constructive feedback
  3. to build a network and a business from skills gained
  4. to gain confidence about speaking to any audience
  5. maintain one’s own intellectual property
  6. to help others in the cohort by sharing perspectives, ideas, and unique gifts and talents
  7. share your experience by recruiting others


QC Family Tree has established close relationships with the people of Enderly Park and from 2005 until very recently had a well-organized and robust youth group. The work in the youth group taught us as an organization about the struggles and fragility of this community. Since 2005, neighbors have been pushed out. Rising housing cost, jobs that do not pay a living wage have been the biggest culprit. As affordability is a significant issue, the community is marred with gentrification. Neighbors and low-income homeowners simply can’t keep up with the financial burden of taxes and rising rental costs.

The QC Family Tree has made a significant impact to keep neighbors in place and preserve the cultural integrity of the community.

Our intent is to cultivate the common good by:

Prophetic Imagination & Fostering Intentionality purposefully staying in the wake of truth and possibility. Fractal examples of this include: Narrative shift, storytelling, goals, workplans, study, strategic communication, and trying new things.

Targeted Demographics of Speakers

African-American women of all ages

Statement of Need

African-American women need a platform to share their ideas, inform, and educate.

How to Meet the Need

The QC Family Tree will execute the She Speaks Series. This series will consist of working with a group of African-American women to assist them with the space, technology, and information to produce, (1) an excellent speaking demonstration, (2) a group that can be called upon to speak at public engagements working with a speaker’s bureau or other contract speaking engagements, and (3) become a world class event to generate economic opportunities for the women who participate.

Our Plan

  1. Identify 7-10 African-American women of diverse experiences and background to be the first group to participate and steer the planning
  2. Identify a date, time, and place to host the event
  3. Set workshop dates for speech crafting, confidence building, and personal development of the speakers
  4. Obtain sponsorships and funding to support the effort.