What is QC Family Tree?

QC Family Tree (QCFT) is a neighborhood based community organization, rooted in the Enderly Park neighborhood of West Charlotte, NC, working at the intersection of faith, culture, and social change. QCFT intentionally and actively cultivates/tends/nurtures people and places so that they might create thriving communities of abundance, justice, imagination, and mutual care for all. Through practices of cultural organizing, we strengthen social infrastructure, expand on interdependence, mutual aid, and solidarity where it already exists.

What does “QC” mean?

Charlotte, North Carolina is known as the “Queen City”

What is QC Family Tree’s Mission and Vision?

Mission: QCFT practices cultural organizing to cultivate community for the common good.

Vision: QCFT envisions thriving communities of abundance, justice, imagination, and mutual care for all.

What is QC Family Tree's approach to cultivating community?

Demonstration- embodying in time and space, form and function, what we believe. (especially on campus, in our language, and in our relationships) Fractal examples of this are Hallowed Placemaking and our affordable housing.

Co-Creation & Honoring- Deep listening, appreciation for, and relationship with the land, people, history, cosmos, and the sacred. Fractal examples of this are neighborhood visitation, walk abouts, chicken care, and gardening.

Cultural experiences and expressions- participating in the common good through art, food, language, music. Fractal examples of this are: community meals, street art installations, and feast days.

Nourishing Interdependence- developing a sense of trust, belonging, fulfillment within our networks. Fractal examples of this include invitation to deeper involvement, gathering input, staff care, neighbor care, free for all pantry, little free library, and even t-shirts.

Organizing and Catalyzing- build people power. Fractal examples of this include: #tuckbound, WSCLT, mutual aid efforts, and coordinated efforts with ROOTS and Southern Movement Assembly.

Prophetic Imagination & Fostering Intentionality- purposefully staying in the wake of truth and possibility. Fractal examples of this include: Narrative shift, storytelling, goals, work plans, study, strategic communication, and trying new things.

Public Witness- solidarity, action, activism in the public sphere. Examples of this include political education, protests, publications, public presentations.

Are there other organizations that are similar to QC Family Tree?

QCFT resembles and is inspired by: Catholic Worker Movement, Koinonia Farms, BeLoved Community in Asheville, and Liberation Church Project. QCFT’s patron saints are John Coltrane, James Baldwin, Howard Thurman, Nina Simone, Dorothy Day, and Clarence Jordan.

How can I sponsor a community meal?

*** If you would like to sponsor a community meal, please reach out to qcftwork@gmail.com first to inquire about how to sponsor a community meal.***

QC Family Tree hosts a community meal every second Friday of the month at 5:30pm at 2910 Parkway Ave, 28208. Sponsoring groups are asked to bring all food, drinks, ice, desserts, serving utensils, and paper goods for the meal for 30-50 people. For more information, check out our page on meal sponsorship here.