Rhizome Coalition Sep 30, 2022

QC Family Tree is growing and nurturing a coalition of artists and cultural workers within Charlotte. This “Rhizome” Coalition is made up of artists and cultural workers who create art and engage in social practice that is rooted in communities of place, tradition or spirit. Rhizome members are folks who call for social and economic justice and are working to dismantle all forms of oppression—everywhere. Rhizome members come together to share their art and organizing, learn about others’ work, and build strong local networks.

Rhizome member activities include: Free Space Studios, Change Makers' Rehearsal Dinners, Rhizome Lead Team meetings, Rhizome Fellowship, and other collective projects.

Rhizome Fellowship

“What does all this art have to do with economic development?” We thought you might have the same kind of questions.

QC Family Tree incorporates the many ways that culture can be activated in order to engage people and make a positive impact. Arts and culture build empathy, understanding, and action on issues facing our community and beyond. Cultural expressions such as storytelling, shared meals, and listening to music offer opportunities for healing, expanded perspective, and change of mindset. Intentionally crafted cultural experiences result in more diverse and increased civic participation, movement building, and even policy change.

Folks can apply to be a part of a semester-long fellowship to deepen their praxis of cultivating community for the common good. The Rhizome fellowship provides a design lab experience for folks who want to make a positive social impact to activate courageous conversations, engage in deep analysis, and activate practical application. Rhizome fellows are paid stipends, and gathered together on-site and virtually for workshops, restoration, and check-ins. Rhizome Fellows will engage with written resources, participate in community dialogue, and activate Small Experiments with Radical Intent.