Who better to usher in the festivities than John the Baptist? Oct 6, 2021

This year, QC Family Tree has designed Advent/Christmas cards featuring John The Baptist. Playing on the theme of John's burley nature, his love of locusts and honey, his fierce preaching, and his striking ability to speak fiery truth, each card includes a collaged depiction of John in a humorous setting doing what John does best.

No longer do you have to imagine John as the first winner of the tacky Christmas sweater contest. Now there's a Christmas card to prove it. On another card, John spends his Advent with a brood of characters familiar to the scripture text. One card features some of John's favorite Christmas treats. You'll see John laying the ax to the (uh oh) Christmas tree on one card. Lastly, a family enjoys the bounty of John's gifts at the dinner table.

We're excited to send you your pack of 10 cards featuring John the Baptist this year. You will receive 10 cards for $25 if you are using the porch pick up option, $30 for the shipping option. Please fill out the order form so that we can begin shipping the cards to you. All shipping orders must be placed before Dec 1. Porch pick up orders are open through Dec 10. After filling out this order form, you will need to make a payment to QC Family Tree through our donations website link. We will look to see that you made a payment before fulfilling your order.