A Look Back: February 2020 Mar 10, 2020

Looking back on February of 2020 - What's happened and what we've learned

Since you've last heard from us, we have successfully survived activator week, which was a designated time where we all took a break from our screens to work on our physical space. Lucy and Julia from Covenant helped us tackle some kudzu on our property, and we were able to trim back some hedges to prepare our tiny home space for future visitors.

The Greater Enderly Park Neighborhood Association attended a workshop to help us organize and create sustainable goals for the community. There is a great interest in preserving the cultural integrity of our environment by our neighbors, and we are excited about the momentum moving forward!

In addition, we volunteered at our neighbor Bernard's farm, and Hannah spoke at Covenant Presbyterian Church about race and the arts (read an article written about Hannah and her work here!)

Finally, we are in a transition period of shifting our community meals to focus on story sharing, and the act of getting to know our neighbors intentionally through developing personal narratives. Each community meal, we share a prompt and ask our neighbors to tell two people in the room a story about their life. Last week, the prompt asked us to tell someone in the community about a time when we were embarrassed. We won't spill all the secrets, but there were some juicy stories that came out of that prompt. To be a part of the community story sharing, come by and join us for a community meal, the first and third Friday of every month!