QC Family Tree welcomes Alicia as an "organizational doula" Feb 18, 2020

Welcome, Alicia Bell, to QC Family Tree! Alicia will be serving as a project manager, or what we like to call an "organizational doula", helping us to name collective vision for QC Family Tree and to align staff and organizational culture to that vision.

Alicia Bell is a born and raised Charlottean, living in the city today. Since 2017, Alicia’s been working as the News Voices Organizing Manager at Free Press, where she works to build, strengthen, and transform the relationships between journalists and community members. Through that work, they co-create opportunities so that everyone in our communities can envision and enact a future of journalism that serves all people. When they’re not doing that, Alicia can be found working with Angelou House, a place keeping collective, whose work mainly balances between building farmlettes with community members in Charlotte and hosting community dinners & brunches or serving on the board of Press On, a Southern collective that strengthens and expands the practice of journalism in service of liberation.

They’ve arrived where they are via a path that includes electoral organizing in North Carolina, parent, student and youth organizing in New York, and housing, health and police-accountability organizing in Oakland. Alicia holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in educational leadership, politics and advocacy from New York University.

Outside of this work, they find joy in raising their three niblings, laughing with their family, and spending time outdoors, especially around large bodies of nature, like oceans, canyons, and deserts. They could talk all day about land, culture shifting, and the adventures of raising freedom-loving children.