Family Tree

Cultivating community for the common good

QC Family Tree

QC Family Tree

QC Family Tree (QCFT) is a neighborhood based community organization, rooted in the Enderly Park neighborhood of West Charlotte, NC, working at the intersection of faith, culture, and social change. QCFT intentionally and actively cultivates/tends/nurtures people and places so that they might create thriving communities of abundance, justice, imagination, and mutual care for all. Through practices of cultural organizing, we strengthen social infrastructure, expand on interdependence, mutual aid, and solidarity where it already exists.

Cultural Organizing

Through practices of cultural organizing, we expand imagination and make connections. We are cultivating groups of people fighting for justice, equality, and sustainability through social practice, community engaged art, and cultural organizing. These groups strive to be in coalitions/collective action with each other when possible.

Cultivate Community

We practice collective action. We celebrate, rely on, share, and focus on assets, gifts, and natural resources of land and people. We look ahead to the future and not just to the current moment, which enables us to engage in practices of sabbath, communal care, and responsibility that will sustain individuals, the organization, and the land on which we live.

Common Good

We believe our liberation is wrapped up in the liberation of the poor and marginalized of our place and society. In partnership with community organizations, religious groups, and individuals, we strive to build power within Black communities and deconstruct systems built on white supremacy. Liberation of Black people in a white supremacist society will mean the liberation of all people- oppressed and oppressor.

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