Welcome Marissa, Shatabdi, Quavian, and Tracy! Jun 4, 2020

Our summer internships look a little different this year! While normally, we would have individuals join our staff on site, this year we are inviting two interns join us virtually. We have also hired two members of our youth group to work this summer. Join us in welcoming our summer staff!

Marissa Harris is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She loves shopping and spending time with her family. She is energetic, happy, and kind person. She graduated from Winston-Salem State University with a degree in social work. She is passionate about serving the community and at-risk youth, and she excited to work with the QC Family Tree this summer.

Shatabdi Goon is originally from Bangladesh, a country in Southern Asia and is located on the Bay of Bengal bordered by India. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Bangladesh. She first moved to South Korea in 2016 and worked as a volunteer English teacher at the kindergarten. She then moved to Canada and started her Master’s program in Community Health and Epidemiology. She moved to Illinois in August 2019 following her degree completion and started her second Master’s in Nutrition at The University of Illinois. Currently she is working as a graduate research assistant in community nutrition lab and her research focuses on cancer and diet. Besides her study nutrition, she likes reading books, watching TV series/movies, traveling, youtubing and spending time with her husband. She loves to explore new places, culture, and foods. She can’t live without her coffee in the morning and never gets bored with shopping!

Quavian Johnson is from Charlotte and lives katty corner from QCFT. He is planning to attend Tarheel Academy in July, so while we only have him for the month of June, he will be working grounds with Marissa B. Quay loves to swim and work on dirt bikes.

Tracy (Troy) Peeler is originally from Greensboro North Carolina. This May, he graduated from Phillip O'Berry Academy of Technology. In school, he was a JROTC cadet. In the fall he plans to study electrical engineering at East Coast Polytechnic Institute.

Big thanks to Carla Leaf for organizing the summer internships, as well as Marissa B, Kayla, and Kendrick for working with the interns this summer!