About Us

A Village of Abundance

At QC Family Tree, we believe God has given the world an Abundance of goodness. By cooperating together, we can create spaces where everyone can thrive.

To build a village of abundance, we choose these practices:

  • Immersive listening and learning: We seek to engage deeply with neighbors by living and sharing together in close proximity. We honor the voice and vision of those who have been oppressed and cast down in our society, and seek to have them guide our work.
  • Asset-Based Community Development: We build from strengths.
  • Relational: Our engagement in issues is driven by relationships.
  • Incarnational: We stay close to the ground.

Creativity in Place

We are always working to create from what we have been given. Our staff and neighbors are artists using their various media to help our village of neighbors, friends, kin, and supporters to tell a different story about the world. We believe that deep imagination is necessary for deep change. We cannot create a world we cannot imagine.

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