About Us This Place, This People, Our Values

Our Place

We bear witness to that which is deep in the soil, the history of this place and the people that inhabited it. We honor and recognize the Catawba and Sugaree peoples. We also recognize that many enslaved and indentured peoples were forced to dedicate their labor to the construction of what is now Charlotte, NC. To these peoples and their descendants, we acknowledge their indelible mark on the space in which we gather.

Our Team

Shamaiye Haynes and Helms Jarrell are the Co-Directors of QC Family Tree

Our Values

When we fail to match our behaviors to our values, we move towards repair and reconciliation. When we fail...and we will fail….we will seek to address any harm we have caused; seek to repair that harm; seek to learn from our missteps so that we will not repeat them.

Quality of Life study

For more detailed information about our neighborhood's character, economics, education, engagement, environment, health, housing, safety and transportation, visit the Quality of Life Explorer from Mecklenburg County.