Cultural Organizing

Using the language of culture- art, story, ritual, celebration- QC Family Tree cultivates folks’ sense of belonging, connection, and interdependence. This is long term, rooted, work that involves strategy. Though integral to our work, we are not focused solely on creating opportunities for individuals to express themselves and learn. Collective aims- mutuality, community, shared, cooperative- are our focus.
QC Family Tree’s Cultural organizing efforts, such Rhizome Fellowship, Culture Bearer Residency, West Side Collectives, and Liturgical Direct Actions, promote community pride, cohesiveness, and collective efficacy. They empower the community to build long-term capacity and impact social change at small and large scale.

It is important to draw on local resources: stories, voices, perspectives, and art forms of our community. The process of creating together builds relationships. It also helps us to learn more about our community and individuals so that we can better organize and collaborate with one another. New leaders and collective goals emerge from collaborative artistic actions. Our capacity to create change increases as we build relationships and participate in culture bearing together. Community members participate in art projects, zines, and storytelling events as a way to create collaborative environments of abundance, justice, imagination, and mutual care for all.

Resident Culture Bearers

QC Family Tree’s Culture Bearer Residency program is meant to: build community by connecting individuals across points of difference; build community by nurturing, celebrating, and supporting authentic cultures and creative expression; increase relevance by using arts, science and history to address complex community issues; and increasing innovation by supporting the creation of new and groundbreaking work.

Rhizome Coalition

QC Family Tree is growing and nurturing a coalition of artists and cultural workers within Charlotte. This “Rhizome” Coalition is made up of artists and cultural workers who create art and engage in social practice that is rooted in communities of place, tradition or spirit. Rhizome members are folks who call for social and economic justice and are working to dismantle all forms of oppression—everywhere. Rhizome members come together to share their art and organizing, learn about others’ work, and build strong local networks.

West Side Creatives

Helms Jarrell, Hoan Rahlan, Bunny Gregory, and Katrina Cherry, otherwise known as the “West Side Creatives” (WSC) are exploring collective art making and cooperative economics in an innovative way. West Side Creatives artwork will be installed quarterly at The Arts Factory and Midnight Mulligan in 2022-2023