Staying Power

The Tenant Home Improvement Project

Dear friend of QC Family Tree,

In A Riff of Love, I wrote about a family who have been long-time Enderly Park residents, and have always been excellent practitioners of the art of hospitality. For the past several years, they have lived in one of QC Family Tree's affordable apartments. It has all been a good situation, but we now face an inevitable reality of century-old housing stock: it is time to do some work. This family has long used their kitchen for hospitality. The kitchen now needs to be fully renovated so that it will be in great condition for years to come.

QC Family Tree anticipates moving these apartments into an equity-building ownership arrangement with the current residents over the next year. We hope to do this through some sort of cooperative that will benefit everyone, and create affordable home ownership for generations to come. Until we get all those details figured out, we want to keep improving the spaces to make them as bright and nurturing as possible.

The Tenant Home Improvement project will restore the flooring, install updated materials like cabinets and drywall, plumbing, and painting in one family's kitchen. This will cost roughly $34,000. Will you join us in this effort by donating to the QC Family Tree Tenant Home Improvement Project?

To donate, please click the button below. Or, send a check to QC Family Tree at 2910 Parkway Ave., Charlotte, NC 28208. Thank you in advance for being such an integral part of the work to maintain livable and affordable housing in our community.


Greg Jarrell, co-director of QC Family Tree