Our Neighborhood Enderly Park

We believe in people and places

The Enderly Park neighborhood are the good soil in which we desire to be planted. Because the soil where we are planted bears the wounds of racial oppression, we will always be working against the legacy of racism. We look to our neighbors for wisdom, guidance, and mutual care.

We live in Enderly Park, a neighborhood about two miles west of The Square, the central intersection in Charlotte. The main thoroughfare through our neighborhood is Tuckaseegee Road. Our neighbors call it “Tuck,” which is also what they usually call the whole neighborhood. Many folks in other parts of town hear us talk about Tuckaseegee Road, and they automatically think about all of the deficiencies they associate with our neighborhood. “Tuck” is not perfect – we certainly struggle with high rates of poverty, with ongoing racial segregation, with underinvestment in our schools, and with other issues – but we choose to dwell here because of the tremendous assets this neighborhood possesses. Our neighbors make this place the good soil where we want to be planted by their deep faith, their sacrificial kindness, their constant resilience, their hard work, their infectious laughter, and their hope for us, for themselves, and for our lives together.

Quality of Life study

For more detailed information about our neighborhood's character, economics, education, engagement, environment, health, housing, safety and transportation, visit the Quality of Life Explorer from Mecklenburg County.

A Little Village

Neighbors and partners along Tuckaseegee Road are working together to build a village where everyone can thrive.

QC Family Tree is working at our corner of the world to build a space for flourishing. We are working to do that by:

  • Securing affordable, high-quality, long-term housing.
  • Organizing with neighbors to create better housing options and housing policy.
  • Exploring co-ownership, cooperative structures, and shared equity models.
  • Building solidarity with neighbors and across neighborhoods to build for justice in Charlotte.