What We Do

Rooted in Discipleship

When you come to visit The Family Tree, you will witness, and be invited to participate in, the solidarity built by years of kinship among neighbors. You will see that we are about the business of joining God in the work of creativity. We’ll be telling stories, singing songs, making art, growing gardens, and chasing after the lively Spirit who inspires us to work together to build a better neighborhood…to build a better world. You will see us framing our days with prayer. We invite you to join us in prayer wherever you are as we pray for God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven. You’ll see us welcoming folks in, because that’s what you do for your family. We will keep eating together “family-style,” because now we know no other way to eat.

Affordable Housing

In Enderly Park, we provide affordable, quality homes for neighbors. Around the city, we help to organize for better, more affordable neighborhoods.

Youth Leadership

We are developing creative and compassionate leaders for good.

Abundance Lab

We are cultivating a culture of Abundance through workshops, retreats, and trainings.

Interested in rootedness?

Checkout the book Wisdom of Stability: Rooting Faith in a Mobile Culture, by our friend Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. It's an exploration and meditation on the gift of stability in a mobile culture, and a great place to start.